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1. This agreement is made by and between Royal Carousel Friesians, LLC and_____________________________, herein referred to as Mare Owner.  In Consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, the parties agree as follows in regards to breeding to the Royal Carousel Friesians Stallion ______________________ as follows:

2. The $1500.00 breeding fee includes a non-refundable booking of $600.00. There will be a $250.00 dollar collection fee for each collection. If you require same day shipping, (counter to Counter) a courier fee of $150.00 will apply for travel to the airport.

3. The Mare will be of healthy and sound breeding condition. A veterinarian health certificate & uterine culture are highly recommended prior to shipping semen.  If Mare fails to settle in a foal after two cycles, RCF may require Mare Owner to obtain a current reproductive exam/uterine culture prior to any further shipments. Mare Owner agrees to return shipping container within 2 days of use via FedEx or UPS.  After (5) days of non-receipt of the container, Owner agrees Mare Owner agrees to pay RCF $50.00 Dollar late fee per day until received.  Day one is when the container leaves RCF.

4.  Container must be returned clean and undamaged.  If ballast bags, coolant cans or containers are missing or damaged, Mare Owner will be charged for replacements of missing items or damage. If the container is not returned at all, the Mare Owner agrees to pay RCF $600.00 for loss of container & all contents lost.

5. RCF must receive reasonable notice of desired collection & shipment day.  There will be an extra $300.00 fee for Airline same day notice if RCF is able to fill request. Please call or fax before 5:00 P.M. MST for next day semen or before 11:00 a.m. for same day FedEx.  Collections will commence every Mon, Wed & Friday.  Please call Sat or Sun for a Mon collection (this semen is good for Tues or Wed insemination) Call on Mon or Tues for a Wed Collection (this semen is good for Thurs or Fri) Call on Wed or Thurs for Fri collection (this semen is good for Sat or Sun)


a.  Mare Owner will be entitled a full refund of breeding fee if the Stallion should die or become unfit for service prior to serving the Mare in the present breeding season. In the case the Stallion dies or becomes unfit for service after semen has been shipped or in any subsequent breeding season there will be no refund.

b.  This contract contains a “live foal guarantee.” This is if a live foal that stands up & suckles and is unable to stand alone and nurse, and dies, a veterinary certificate must be provided with fine (5) days from the date of death the Mare Owner will receive a return of service with the only fees being charged will be for collection & shipping.
Live-Foal guarantee is void if full bill for current year is not received by 12-01-2016.

c.  If the Mare is examined in foal but becomes barren during gestation, she is eligible for return if RCF receives a veterinary certificate of barrenness within five (5) days of the examination.

d.  If the semen is lost in transit, the Mare Owner will not be charged for the collection or shipment as long as Federal Express is utilized for the shipment, Royal Carousel Friesians cannot be held responsible for errors in transport caused by any the major airlines since it is impossible to recover costs from the airlines.


a.  RCF is not responsible for lost, delayed, or damaged semen and makes no representations or warranties of any kind with respect for any semen furnished hereunder except that is the Stallion’s.  The Mare Owner shall assume all responsibilities for the condition of the Mare and shall bear all risk of loss or damage to the Mare including but not limited to, death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise, and by any cause whatsoever, including inappropriate, untimely, or negligent insemination or failure of insemination.  The Mare Owner therefore holds RCF, its owners, employees, agents and officers from any liability for any and all damages associated therewith.  The Mare Owner hereby agrees to pay all expenses and fees incurred by RCF in defending any claims for which the Mare Owner has agreed to release, discharge, indemnify and hold harmless RCF, owner, employees, agents and officers.

b. During the height of breeding season, RCF cannot guarantee that two doses of semen can be shipped. The second dose is a courtesy dose in case the Mare does not ovulate.  Most veterinarians along with CSU agree that a dose every other day during the Mares cycle should settle a fertile Mare & RCF is not shorting you with one dose.

8.  Please have the Mare checked after 14 days to ensure ample time to handle any issues around Mare not settling or twins, etc. giving both parties ample to plan for next cycle if Mare doesn’t settle.  It is agreed that a licensed vet verify status of Mare in question at approximately 45 days after insemination & notify RCF that Mare has settled. Failure to accurately report status of Mare in question may result in loss of live foal guarantee.

9.  Embryo Transplants are prohibited without written permission of RCF along with transferring breeding for other Mares & clients in case the Mare gets sold before contract is complete. In the case that RCF agrees to Embryo’s upon verification of permission with registry, there will be an additional breeding fee for each viable Embryo & resulting pregnancy.

10.  All orders for semen shall be filled as received, subject to availability of the Stallion.  If there is insufficient semen to fill all orders of a given day, RCF will determine which orders will be honored based on the information provided by the purchasers Veterinarian.

11.  Mare Owner understand that the Stallions will be competing and may be away from the farm during show season & may not always be available.  It is the Purchasers responsibility to contact RCF for dates the Stallions will not be available due to show schedule.

12. Any remaining feeds due in case of multiple collections, etc. will be due when Mare has settled for 45 days. If Owner does not pay within 30 days of billing after that time period RCF has the right to charge whats due to CC# Owner needs to provide to cover such costs on this contract.
    b. After two missed 30 day billing cycles & RCF still has not recovered funds as due owner agrees to pay an extra 6% late fee on total due thereinafter.


Circle One: Purchaser would like to use:     Fresh Chilled Semen         Frozen Semen (requires $600 container deposit)


Contract Signatures



Mare Owner Print_______________________ Mare Owner Signature ___________________Date________


Mare Owner Address_________________________________Mare Owner Phone ____________________


Royal Carousel Friesians_____________________    Date ____________________________                                                                                                             


Please remember to return this signed contract along with the following check, money order, or Credit Card.

1. Breeding Fee - $1500

2. Collection fee - $250.00

3. Shipping Fee Approx - $125.00

5. Copy of Mare’s registration papers.

TOTAL DUE $_______1875.00

Feike art paypal


Credit Card # ___________________________________Expires________________





Royal Carousel Friesians appreciates your considering one of our Stallions for your consideration with your Mare. 
Please complete this form and return with your breeding contract and a copy of your Mares registration papers.


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Agent responsible for Shipment: _________________________________________

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