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Currently we have several of these horses including
Approved FPS/FHANA Registered Breeding Stallion Feike #395
& Approved FPZV Registered Breeding Stallion Sam.

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Sam - FPZV Approved 1st Premie Performance Stallion excelling in dressage competitions across the United States and also availabe for breeding.

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Feike 395 Sport - FPS Approved 1st Premie Stallion currently showing in dressage and available for breeding to FPS mares.

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The FPS/FHANA registered Friesian Horses are named with specific letters each year...
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Indeed one look is usually all it takes, for nowhere is there a horse that elicits such an emotional response from first-time onlookers as the Friesian. For centuries this unique animal was protected in its homeland of Holland, specifically in the northern province of Friesland, kept pure and free of the blood of other breeds. Such stringent, and ancient, protections have led to a horse that today remains unusually similar in conformation and temperament to its early ancestors of 1,000, even 2,000, years ago.
This ancient breed from the tiny picturesque province in the Netherlands in turning heads across America. Bold, elegant, and flashy, the Friesian is capturing the imagination of everyone who sees one. The Friesian was reintroduced to the United States in the 1970s by driving enthusiasts. It rapidly attracted attention by its flashy and powerful way of moving, as we as by its sheer beauty, which was featured in the motion picture "Ladyhawke". The distinctive appearance of the Friesian reflects its long history of development.
It descends from the horses of ancient Europe and was used to carry the knights of Friesland during the Crusades. After the Dutch-Spanish war, Andalusian horses from Spain were brought back to the Netherlands and changing selection gradually transformed the heavy horse of the knights to a flashier, high-stepping horse ridden by kings. Soon the horse was seen pulling royal carriages, performing in circuses, and demonstrating at the famed riding academies.

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Authentic Friesian Sjees

The Sjees is an ornate carriage which dates back to the 1800. Today it makes an impressive sight with Friesians harnessed in front for driving shows and competitions.

The word sjees comes from the French word “chaise” roughly translated chair on wheels. In competitions usually a couple dressed in traditional garb of the 1800's will compete in games associated with the era, or compete on their driving abilities.